2017 Good Things

A great start to the new year, this is a form of a gratitude jar. You write down on a piece of paper every week a good thing that happened to you and at the end of the year, open the jar to see what an amazing year you had.


Have a blessed day!


2017 New Years Resolutions

Happy new year to everyone! I know that most, like me, have made some new years resolutions. Some may have said I want to get my finances in order, some want to lose weight, some want to improve their lives by self-improvement, some want to be more organized-The list can go on and on. No matter which resolutions or goals that you are reaching toward, I hope that you are successful and I would love to hear your stories on what you may have decided to change or do for the new year.

I have a pretty big collection of savings challenges on my blog and I am sharing them as I get them sent to me. I hope that if your finances or saving money was one of them, check back often. I always have new ones sent to me to share with you.

If you are going to tackle being more organized this year, I have a great share from a friend of mine that I hope you can use:


A great list and a wonderful start to being more organized this year!

Have a blessed day!


November is a time to be thanksful…

November is a time to be thankful.

Count your blessings and remember that some people may not have much but they are thankful for what they have. Life can get hectic & crazy sometimes. Appreciate that most of us are very blessed with family & friends, food on the table and a roof over our heads. Be grateful…


Hoping that you all have a blessed holiday and find some things to be thankful for.


Saving a little money

A friend shared the following three plans with me. With Christmas and the new year coming, I am sure these would help you on your way to saving a little money.

The christmas saving challenge:


The dime saving plan:


And for the kids, the 365 day penny challenge:


These are some great ideas. I hope that you and your family can be inspired by them.

Have a blessed day!