I left home at an early age, was a single parent just trying to survive. I did a lot of odd jobs for friends, family and learned a lot about working odd jobs to supplement my income so I could finish a trade school program. I have always been very thrifty with my money.  It wasn’t that I was saving up for some big item, a vacation or a large savings account. I was saving for my rent, my electricity bill, my childs christmas present. Eventually when I graduated, I landed a good job and worked there until I was downsized. I became unemployed, I had to become creative on different ways to make money and save money.  I got a new job and am trying to dig myself out of the mass amount of debt that I got into when I was unemployed. I am not there yet but its a work in progress. It makes you feel good to see a light at the end of the tunnel. I think it drives my friends and family crazy that I am so frugal sometimes. I would buy a pair of jeans from a 2nd hand store, rather than buy them new because it was cheaper. I am always trying to get the best deal, pinching pennies, using coupons and finding some great resources in the process.

I have friends that urged me to share some of my ideas with you. Please know that I will not share any idea on my page that I have not personally done myself. I hope that you all can share your ideas with me as well. It never hurts to share resources with others.



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