We don’t know their story…

During this holiday week, please remember that not everyone has a home to go to, a family to spend the holidays with or even a kitchen to cook a meal. I was reminded of this tonight as we stopped to pick up dinner at Taco Bell/KFC and I watched a homeless man, look around and dig thru the trash for half eaten food because he was so hungry. Kind-Words-FB-300x300

We both dug out wallets and found whatever money we had, put it on the table together and my husband went to give it to him, which he did, telling him to please go buy yourself something to eat.  We both discussed how we didn’t know what his story was and that it was so sad that this man was hungry, the least we could do was give him some money for some food. Then we watched as another couple offered him food that they had purchased as well. This random act of kindness just put me to tears! Not only because I knew he had just been digging in the garbage for food but In this area that we were in, it is very rare to see this, the area had become very hardened by people on drugs, and the youths acting like they wanted to be gang members. My husband went over and shook the mans hand, told him about the man digging in the garbage and about me standing by the door, crying because I was so touched by the whole thing.

The homeless man came over to me and asked what time it was and told us “God bless you both” as he walked over to get the food that the couple had given to him. We watched as he devoured it and we knew he truly had been starving.

We talked as we were leaving the restaurant, that even though we don’t know what his story was, it felt good to know that this human being had a warm dinner tonight and that there are other people out there with the same hearts that we have.

Please remember during this holiday week, it’s not a bad thing to help others!

I hope that you and your family have a blessed evening!



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