Shopping & Saving

I am cheap! I love a good bargain and I love to get the best buys on things!

I make a plan to figure out where I am shopping, look at their ads, go in and check the coupon websites to print off the latest and greatest deals. (I have included the coupon sites on my blog-see the tab on the main page. Share them with your friends. I hope that you find them very helpful!) You can check out the link at : Click HERE For The Coupon Links On My Blog

I also am not fond of shopping online for my items, I like to touch, feel and see my items in my hand. I know its old fashion to say that but when it comes to Christmas shopping, I will be one of the crowd out there walking the stores.

I also love to share some information or great deals when I find them too. Most recently, I was sent an email about the online Redbox movie rentals.

2 FREE Dvd Rentals (only registered online on your account) Pick up a movie or two at Redbox this weekend and you’ll get two FREE DVD rentals when you use the coupon 22Y6LH49 at or in the mobile app. The coupon code takes off $3, which means you can get two free DVD rentals (normally $1.50 each). You can also choose to rent a Blu-ray or a game instead. NOTE: This coupon code is NOT valid at the kiosk.

We will be going out to pick out a Christmas tree this weekend.

I hope that everyone has a blessed weekend!





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