What 4 officers did for a local bride….

We have known the Mundell family for many years. One of the children, Kirsten,  is the daughter of a Pierce County sheriff’s deputy and she got married over the weekend. We are seeing the story behind the photos posted on Facebook and they are going viral. The pictures and story has been shared more than 5,000 times in less than two days.

Unfortunately, her father couldn’t be at the ceremony in Bonney Lake on Saturday to walk her down the aisle.

Kirsten’s father, Deputy Walter “Kent” Mundell, Jr. of the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, was killed in the line of duty back in 2009. Mundell was wounded after responding to a domestic dispute call. He died at the hospital surrounded by his family and fellow officers.

Nearly six years later, four local law enforcement officers wanted to help make Kirsten’s wedding day special.

Seattle Police Det. Don Jones walked Kirsten down the aisle at her wedding, but that was only the beginning.



The long white dress was decorated with a blue ribbon woven down the back, symbolizing Thin Blue Line used by law enforcement to commemorate fallen officers.


At the ceremony,Deputy Mundell was there in spirit. Photos show a chair in the front row dedicated to the fallen deputy.


Later at the reception, three Pierce County sheriff’s deputies took turns dancing with Kirsten during the traditional father-daughter dance, bringing the new bride to tears.



This story has gone viral by all of our mutual friends, the news channels and all across the internet. I was just sent another link this morning and I thought I would share it:

Click HERE to read the story

This is a fabulous story, it touched so many people, not just the ones that knew her like us, but everyone across the world. It’s about the survivors, the families of police officers and the deep bond that they have with each other and their brotherhood.


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