Spend time with the ones that you love…

I spent Saturday doing something that I love. On Saturday, I spent the entire day babysitting two of my grandchildren. The oldest is turning 12 here in November and her little brother who is just a little over 1 years old. They both are the best kids so I had no problem with volunteering to keep them while their parents had to work. Spent the whole day with them and I had the best time with them-I had a lot of flash backs to when my own kids were their age many years ago.

See my boys were 10 years apart. The relationship that they had was amazing. My youngest adored his older brother, followed him everywhere. That is the exact same as his kids now, my grandchildren-they are 10 years apart and the youngest just adores his older sister, following her everywhere. It was a very awesome day and one that I will do again real soon.


I realized that I have spent a lot of time working so I have already told my boss that if he needs me to work on weekends, I will do every other weekend. My family comes first and I have already put all the birthdays and special occasions on my calendar and nothing will stop me from attending all those family events! Spend time with the ones that you love, while you have the chance to do it!


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