Our Vacation

A week goes by way too fast!!!! I am back from vacation.  I spent a week camping & fishing with friends, my son, and his 2 best friends came on Monday to join us~!

Right off the bat when we pulled up, there was a momma deer and her twins grazing under a tree!


This was one of those vacations that we needed the time away, we needed the peace & quiet, we needed the rest & relaxation and we needed the extra fun time with our old friends!

We hooked up the trailer and headed down to the Cowlitz river, parking it alongside the river. We had the best view of the water and listening to the river run just relaxed you immediately.


The first night had very strange weather, and we were down at the river fishing a little late when the sunset came, I just had to get a picture of it:


The skies cleared up pretty nice for us and then the next day we spent down at the river fishing. We had several days that nobody caught anything but that was ok because they were just having fun. On Monday the skies opened up and we had some of the best weather we could have asked for. Everyone got out on the river and fished! It was a fabulous day, with everyone limiting out on steelhead!


Our friends & family all said the same thing that we said, it was a very good day! We had such a great time that we are already planning our next camping trip with everyone! (The pictures below are everyone fishing and having a great time!)

IMG_3109 IMG_3115

Had a blessed vacation for sure!


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