Labor Day Weekend & Seattle Events

After working very hard for the last 3 years, we decided it was time for us to take a vacation. We have planned, planned some more and finally came up with a pretty awesome idea-We purchased a camping trailer! Now this trailer was not brand new, (we couldn’t afford that) but we found a used one (it is in fabulous condition, and new to us!) so we bought it, put it in the driveway, and have been slowly adding/buying/packing things into it for the last month. We are ready to go camping during the labor day weekend so I submitted my vacation slip, and off we go! We will be unplugged, resting and relaxing, enjoying nature! Below is a picture of our home for the next week…


We are very excited for our vacation and to spend some time away!

I know that we have a lot of family and friends that are looking for something to do during the 3 day labor day weekend, so, here is a great place to find local things to do in the Washington state, Seattle area. Go to the Seattle events webpage here: Click HERE for September Seattle Events Webpage

I hope that you all have a blessed weekend!


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