To Do List…

I AM a “to do list” person. There, I said it! I have sticky notes and lists all over on my desk at home! I guess it came on gradually and has helped me regain my organization for work AND at home!

At work, I am truly one of the most organized people-I know where everything is and everything has a place, along with my notes of different codes, door combinations and little cheat sheets of how to do specific programs. I am pretty proud of the fact that I use these lists to my advantage.


I have this one on my computer at work so that it is a constant reminder for me to let go of what I cannot control! (In the corporate world, this is SO true and Sanity saving for sure!)

At home, I have this huge roll top desk, everything has a place on it. Little files and drawers are each assigned to a family member, and their mail put into the files. In order for me to get MORE organized, I started a bill pay system in a small notebook that has worked out pretty well for us, as well as my sticky notes of when things are due, which paydays I need to pay them, etc.

This is my reminder sheet that I have at work-I use this to leave myself notes for home:


Its useful AND inspirational!

(You can click on the list and use it for your “to do list”.) I hope that you enjoy it.

I hope that you have a blessed day!


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