Garage sales…

My favorite thing to do during the summer months is to shop at garage sales. I have spent many weekends searching corner signs for the next big garage sale. I have found some awesome items at garage sales and I always say that one persons trash may be our treasure! I have found some great antiques at garage sales as well.

I have spent years teaching my children what wants versus needs means. I have tried to show my other half as well and he is a hard sell. He is an impulse buyer and if he has the money in his wallet he will spend it. For this reason, this is why I love taking him with me to these garage sales. I always tell him, only look at items that are something that we can honestly use, or NEED, not looking at items because you want it, it has to be purchased only if we need it. We purchased all of our camping gear this way and did it very reasonably. He will not dicker with them on price though, he will just pay them full price (I do not know why he wont dicker, he tells me its embarrassing so he wont do it) but I have gone to sales, found an item, asked if they would take less for it and they say yes, very easy and simple and I am always happy with the purchase & the price. That has been how we have contributed to our daughters milk glass collection when we found items that we know are her pattern,  I would snag them up for her. I love trying to save money on things that I know we would spend way more if we purchased them brand new.

Click HERE for Yardsales.Net Website

Click HERE for Website

I guess I am not the normal woman-I hate going shopping and I hate to spend my hard-earned money on items that I know I can buy used. I am always purchasing items that we need from thrift stores, consignment shops & garage sales. It’s not that I am cheap, it’s that I think it helps us save money by not buying some items new. We are not a rich family and if we want to save money, this is the way to do this. We are still slowly, and I do mean slowly adding pennies each payday to our savings. It’s not a huge difference yet but I believe in time it will add up. Saving every penny I can is a start!

I find a lot of the garage sales on Craigslist and Facebook as well as just driving around the area you live in to find some great local sales. I have listed 2 links above to help you find garage sales in your local area.

Happy treasure hunting!


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