I am back….

Well, I have been having some personal issues and have had a pretty hard time getting on the computer. I am going to apologize for being away so long. I am going to try to get back into my daily posting. My other half had to have a pretty severe surgery and I have not only been having to deal with his recuperation but also in helping get his jobs done as well as me coming back to my own job. (yes, I have been stretched, but I realized that I am missing the outlet of writing so that is why I am back today!)

Things that I have learned while I have been gone:

1) I met a homeless family out in front of our local grocery store. I realize that most people are quick to judge, but I realized that you just don’t know their story. Everyone has a “story”-things that are going on with their life and before you automatically look at someone, step back and see what their story is. Everyone has had some personal issues at one time or another in their life and no one is perfect. If that family was begging for money for drugs, no, I wouldn’t have helped, but it was from a recent job loss, which I completely understand, so, I gave them what I had in my wallet (a total of 10.00) and made sure to tell him that it was to be used for food for those kids. Make a point of finding out people’s stories before automatically jumping to any conclusion.

2) How you treat your parents shows a lot about the person that you are and how you will treat a spouse and/or your own children. If you have grown up battling with your parents, that is understandable. As you get older, you realize that they were always looking out for you, your safety and your well being-Your relationship usually gets very close. If a person only thinks about themselves (selfish with time, money or just being there for your family) then that’s what will eventually be shown to the spouse &/or their own children. It is sad to say but these types of people do not change. If they have been selfish and treat their parents badly then its just a matter of time before it will show to the spouse &/or children. I think it is sad to say and I do not know if these kind of people can change.

3) When you are offered a 90 day same as cash deal on purchasing an item, take advantage of it! The savings are tremendous! I am using this deal on my most recent purchase of a laptop.

4) The key to organization is to write yourself notes on everything and get a binder or planner.

5) Last but not least, try to always stay positive. My son lost his job a couple of weeks ago. He fell into a depression and was starting to be very negative because so many things all happened at once. My comments to him was to focus and stay positive. He told me he thought it was all not true, he had too much come all at once and it was too hard to be positive. I kept telling him positive things and he just got the phone call that he got his dream job, great money and full benefits for his family….staying positive helped with his self esteem and for his shooting for the stars!


Have a wonderful day and remember to always stay positive!


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