Weightloss Wednesday

May 18th was the day that we started eating healthy again! (I hate the word diet)  My youngest son had a trainer at his gym put together a great plan for him, we have seen him losing weight like crazy. He is down 30 lbs right now and looking amazing! This was the point where we decided to all do it together.

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The plan is simple and it is keeping us to 1500 calories a day with our food. We have a lot of protein, fruits & veggies, so it is easy to follow because the plan has you eating every couple of hours. Planned foods, we have a list and on Sundays we measure and food save (prepackaged) our main meals for the week so that it’s so easy! So far, my other half has lost 12 lbs, I am down 7. We have made a habit of going to the gym every day and are feeling a lot better. After we quite smoking, we gained about 75-80 lbs and this is all excess weight that is wearing on us right now. It was time for us to make this change and to make the extra go away!

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During the first 2 weeks I was not seeing any results at all, then it slowly started to show, a pound at a time. I find it very hard to watch that scale everyday because I will wake up feeling great and that thing will show I only lost a pound or a 1/2 a pound, and I have to keep reminding myself that s still a lot!



Here is to inspiration and I will keep you all posted on the weight loss and making it to our goals!

Have a blessed day!


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