We started our diet this week….

We started our diet this week, with some help from my youngest son who had a trainer put together a program for him. I have seen the results and told him to help us get healthy too. He has lost a total of 30 lbs so far, and is just doing great! As part of this diet agreement I made with my son, he had to help us get started. The diet is pretty simple but he preps his food on Sunday. Sunday is cooking all the meats, rice and making portions, weighing them and putting them through the food saver.


We have used the food saver for things in the past, (if they went fishing and put the fish in the freezer) or when we have gone shopping and bought things in bulk. We wanted to split them out for many different meals. It is an absolute life saver for our diet as well. I dont have to cook, dont have to think about what we are having. Everything has been preplanned and prepackaged. We just go in and pack out lunch bags every day and follow the list. I am not very fond of cooking so this works out wonderfully for me and my dislike to stand cooking in the kitchen.

We signed up for our gym membership again and have started that part as well. I will keep you posted on how we are doing for weight loss and our search to eat healthy! Anyone else out there that has started a new diet? What have you started and what is working for you?


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