Please remember…

With summer right around the corner, I have to say something that becomes quite obvious, but for some reason, people just do not use their common sense with this subject: please, “PLEASE” do NOT leave your animals in a hot car while you run in for a quick “minute” to any store!

We saw several this last weekend and the dog is barking, or sitting there looking at you, the window, barely cracked (if not at all) and when the weather starts heating up, it becomes an unbearable sauna for the poor animal to be left in the car. If your going to go shopping, (even if you think it’s just for a minute) do your beloved pet a favor and leave them at home!


In case you do not know the temperature change on the inside of the car increases with the hotter is it outside:


I know that there is a story that has been in the news just recently about a man who smashed a window to save a dog that was locked in a heated car. Some states have laws that allow an individual to break a car window to save a child in distress, but the same protection does not apply when a pet’s life is at stake. I have heard that here in Washington state, the Senate unanimously passed a bill (SSB5501) that makes leaving a pet locked in a car under dangerous conditions a civil offense.

So please remember, when the weather is getting warmer, leave your beloved pet at home to enjoy the air conditioner-their life may depend on it!


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