Saving your pennies…

Just a quick check in to see how everyone is doing with saving your pennies?

I have officially been plunking away change and am going to take it in to cash it this weekend…(last time we filled up this bank it was about 40.00 in change) so there will be more money to add into the saving account!

Just putting a little bit of money away is a great feeling and I know they say your suppose to have an emergency fund set aside of a couple of months salary (not all of us can do that so I am taking baby steps to accomplish my financial goals.)

We just recently paid off one bill, (paid in full), working toward the next one. Again, baby steps because I am paying off the small bills, working my way through them all. My goal is to get all the bills paid off by September so that money can be put into savings as well. Sticking to this routine is helping us to stick to the financial goals that we set for ourselves. I hope that you all can find the inspiration to do the same!


I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend!


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