What do moms really want for mothers day?

What do moms really want for mother’s day?

My kids have done alot of different things over the years:

1) they made me breakfast, lunch or dinner and cleaned up the kitchen mess.

2) they bought me a card & flowers.

3) they picked me some flowers out of the yard, put them in a vase, made me a card and cooked something for me. (This was my favorite because we didn’t have any money and this was all from their heart!)

4) they have taken me out to eat at a restaurant for lunch &/or dinner

5) now that they are older, they have come to my house, cooked dinner for me and hung out with me all afternoon.

6) now that the kids are all grown, I get flowers, wine, cards & occasionally taken out to dinner or just spoiled and they cook for me.

All I have ever asked of my kids was that on mother’s day, you spend it with me for a few hours. I had a very strained relationship with my mother. I have always told my kids that I didn’t care about any of them spending any money on me, just spend time with me.  I know that life gets extremely busy so this is the one day that I can be a little selfish and want to spend time with them. You just never know how many mothers days that I have with them so I take advantage of each and every one by just wanting to spend a little time with the ones that mean so much to you.


I hope that you all have an amazing mothers day and wonderful weekend!


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