Be Thankful

I was reminded today of something from days past and I felt very sad that I was the only one who was thankful for what we have now.

I am reminded of the days that we were unemployed, living in an apartment on unemployment, trying to figure out how to put food in the house and pay our bills. How we would sit and wish for things we didn’t have but as soon as we could, we would make those wishes reality:

1) to wish we could afford new vehicles (the old ones were on their last legs and we were piecing them back together constantly).

2) to wish us out of an apartment and for a nice house with a yard.

3) to wish for a really good jobs (one that has benefits & retirement).

4) to wish for a little extra to put into our saving accounts.


A lot has changed for us over the last few years. We truly have accomplished 3 out of the 4 things on our list but I still have to gently remind my other half that we have come a long way from where we were and to be thankful for what he has because it can all be taken away at the blink of an eye. Life is so short and we just never know how long we will be here so enjoy the life you have and be thankful for all that you have!


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