Love crafting baby shower gifts

I have 2 daughter-in-laws that are getting ready to have babies at almost the same time with both being due in July.  We will be seeing a boy AND a girl! I love to always include at least one homemade item (blanket &/or booties) and a diaper cake with whatever store bought items that we give!

I have been in a frenzy with shopping for what they asked for (they both wanted strollers) and trying to do my “crafting” thing for them. I love to crochet so I have been frantically trying to make baby booties (I cannot read a pattern for the life of me!) so I have always done my projects by sight. Something about those booties has put me in a block, I am just struggling with it.  I have asked a friend to help me, she sent me cheat sheets, and I still couldn’t do it! (She is too far away for me to get together with her to help me so she has been sending me patterns and cheat sheets). My booties came out looking all wrong so as a final resort, I went to the internet and googled a video on how to crochet baby booties. The link I got was FABULOUS, easy to follow and I made a super cute set from watching the video! (they are a little big so this weekend, I am going to make a smaller set to give for the 1st shower) I still have 1 more set for the 2nd shower so I know I will be using this video again-But I just had to share the video and tell people if you want to learn, this is the best video to do that:

When I have completed everything, I will add the pictures before I wrap them up to give them to her!

I hope that everyone has a fabulous weekend!


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