What Does Easter Mean to You?

We have a blended family. Each of us came into the relationship with older children who are married &/or living with someone so when you try to figure out a total of people at our home during any holiday, Plus, our kids friends that are like our own kids (they are always invited to our house for any holiday event and have been considered family for many years), we usually have 15 plus 5 grandchildren, with us, that totals 22 people plus any drop-ins so you may as well count 25 people always at our house for the holidays. For us, the holidays have always been about bringing the family together, just for that one day. Easter, is a religious holiday (we know) and my plan was to invite everyone to our house, to be after everyone has gone to church, we scheduled it for the afternoon. Through the years, I gave my children wonderful memories of family time spent together and I am hoping to continue that with our grandchildren. Easter, to me, is after church services, to come together as a family and spend the rest of the day together.


For kids, Easter is about the Easter Bunny and all that he brings. Easter egg hunts, running to find those brightly colored Easter eggs, opening them up to get the jellybeans hidden inside. Easter is about families decorating hard-boiled eggs in a variety of fun designs. How many of you remember that first Easter egg you painted? Easter’s about an Easter basket filled to the brim with chocolate bunnies, marshmallow peeps, and special toys and gifts. Easter means going to church, though not yet fully understanding why – girls in their pretty dresses or hats, and boys in their best pants and shoes, which they can’t wait to get out of. It’s a special dinner with grandparents and the family.

For adults, Easter is a time when we tap into our spirituality a little deeper, and we take the time to make church an important part of the day. To show our children that a foundation of faith is important. To remember Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. And the preaching usually isn’t too boring and the music is generally uplifting. Easter is also a time to keep those traditions from childhood alive – being together with families and friends. Gathering around the dinner table with food, conversation, stories, laughter and good times.  Easter is also a time to anticipate that spring is right around the corner. Looking forward to the flowers blossoming and the trees blooming. Winter seems finally over. Yes, for many adults, Easter means church, God, family and spring.

We hope that you and your family have a wonderful Easter and that your family comes together to make memories!


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