Living a life of purpose

The company that I work for has a lot of employees that have been here for 25+ years. Some of the younger crowd call them AGED workers. They have many years into the company and some have no plans to retire. I only have 4 years here but I always ask, don’t you have something that you want to do? No hobbies or family things? Travel? Spend some time with grandchildren or have a plan for retirement? Most all have the same answer, “No, not really”. We have seen several of them retire after having some health issues only to see them pass away within 6 months of retirement. Sad as this sounds, they lived to work and had no other plans in their life.

I have seen several go on to volunteer their time at schools, at libraries, at senior centers and are so happy with their life. I know of one teacher who retired and she is sewing pillow cases for our local children’s hospital. I would call this living a life of purpose. Finding things to do that give your life a purpose, whether its helping others or doing something that you love.



Having a purpose in life is critical for healthy aging. Those without a feeling of purpose in life have more health issues. A life of purpose lowers your risk for a stroke & a heart attack. Figure out what is truly important to you and focus your life so that these things can routinely be around you. As we age, what really makes us happy and gives us a feeling of accomplishment is what will make us feel like we are living a life of purpose.  Reach out to others. Loneliness can be bad for your health as well. Try to live a life with purpose or look into a service-filled life. You will find great strength and a sense of purpose in helping others.



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