Why do we hate change?

I am going to admit it, I absolutely hate change!

I went in today to trade my old iPhone in for a new one. I loved the old iPhone and I didn’t have any major problems with it but was starting to find little things that were telling me it was getting old and it was time to upgrade.


I kept putting this day off, and I kept saying that there wasn’t anything wrong with my old phone. It would shut off intermittently there at the end so I knew it was time. Going to the store and picking out the new one, just made me very uncomfortable. I guess that it’s because I had finally learned all the ins and outs of the old phone, mastered the shortcuts and was very comfortable with it. I guess it will take me a little bit of time to learn things on it, and I have to reset everything up on this new one. All I can say is RIP iPhone 4S!  You will be greatly missed!

We become comfortable with the familiar, and there seems to be a secure pattern of association with that. (even if it’s just a phone) The uncertainty that comes with new brings discomfort. It is human nature to seek comfort and security (even if it’s just a phone). So, I know I cannot possibly be the only person who hates change, right?

Sometimes change is good, like when you get a new job, new car, new house, or have children-those are all very positive changes and most people don’t have a problem with those changes. I do know a friend of mine that did have a problem with changing jobs, she has been at the same job now for 25+ years and when I have tried to get her to move to another one that pays her better and has benefits, she just blows me off saying that she is happy where she is so I guess that may apply to jobs too.

Some people love change, they embrace change in their lives. One person may perceive a change as beneficial, that does not mean all people will see it the same way.  A job promotion for one person may be perceived as unattractive due to more travel, more hours,  and job responsibilities she may not like. For another, the promotion could be seen as exciting and a move up the corporate ladder.  The same opportunity for both, with two different perspectives. Maybe there is more to it than hating change, maybe it has to do with what the final result may be.

Do you embrace or hate change and why?



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