Resolution recap

So, how is everyone doing on their new years resolutions?

To lose weight? To save money? To be more organized? The list can go on and on….

new-year-resolutions New-Years-Resolution

(of course, these were not mine but you get the idea!)

It’s almost the end of March so I see 90 day cycle coming and was curious as to how much was accomplished from my own resolutions. Lets recap:

1) saving money on the reverse savings program: I only have 300.00 in my account. I haven’t been able to put any more into it because of financial issues that keep coming up for us but hopefully that will change in May when I am scheduled to work some scheduled overtime (that will be extra and can be added to catch up my account.)

2) Be more organized: I have failed in this one. We moved another kid back home with us and my house & garage are in kaos right now. This one is going to have to be moved to a future date (not known how long, some things I just don’t have control over.)

3) Eat better, go to the gym and lose some weight: Failed on this one too. I have been working so many long hours that I have not made it to the gym and am lucky to eat one full meal a day-and it’s usually not very healthy-I am lucky that it’s a even food by product!!! ha!

So, I guess my resolutions have fallen into the failed statistics so I think I am going to revamp them today. I want to at least make an attempt to keep going on my saving account for sure but the rest will just have to fall into place when they can. (some things are out of our control so instead of losing sleep over them, I just need to accept it gracefully and plan to follow this one instead:


What do you think? Would you adopt this one for 2015?


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