Why Me?

When I went into my Facebook account yesterday, it told me that my account had been hacked, the person was blocked and I needed to reset my password. I went in and found that someone from the middle east had been trying to hack my Facebook account. I love that the security showed they were not in my normal area and as part of their security, locked my account. I do not know why they were trying to hack MY Facebook, of all people, I am not a millionaire (this is NOT Bill or Melinda Gates’s Facebook, better yet, most people don’t have all their personal information on there anyway), so it really didn’t make any sense to me why me? It reminded me though, at the time I changed my password, it was probably a good time to change ALL my passwords. Most of us become complacent and use the same passwords for years and years (our home email accounts don’t make us change them like some employers email accounts do) so we stay with what we have because it is familiar and easy to remember. I also am reminded that I have a bad tendency of changing passwords and then forgetting what I just changed them to. Its happening more and more as I get older…(I jokingly call it ALL-timers, because it is happening ALL the time now) LOL!  I have started a card file in my office of all of our passwords, not just because my memory is going but also if something were to happen to me, (heaven forbid) but it saves my family a lot of headaches trying to piece together my banking, my emails, my blog, my Ebay account, etc., the list can go on and on so I found that the card file is the easiest way.




How do you keep track of all your different passwords?

We are always looking for ways to organize and this is one that is pretty important for everyone so if you have a unique one, please comment and share with us.

I am off for the weekend so I plan to do a lot more organizing at home this weekend.

Happy Friday to everyone and I hope that you all have a fabulous weekend!




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