When is my next vacation…

I am having one of “those” days. It started when I got up extremely early for an appointment, dog tired, the coffee I made on my way out the door just wasnt cutting it. The minute I was done, the only thing going through my mind was, “I can fit a 2 hour nap in before work”. I set my alarm and got myself back in bed for my nap. A couple of hours seemed to go back entirely too fast and before I knew it, I had hit snooze numerous times. When reality hits you and you actually focus your eyes on the clock to see that “Shit!!!! I am late!” cursing under my breath as I am trying to find all my stuff to take to work….dashing through the house throwing clothes on and running out the door…..There really isn’t a worse feeling, I tell you, when you start your day that way, and its been that way the rest of the day! I found myself getting called into a meeting with my boss, he wanted to know why I looked so tired and why I seemed to cranky….(seemed? I AM cranky, jees, I can feel the blood pressure rising!) SO, looking at my calendar, thinking, “when exactly is my next vacation!”….OH crap, it’s not until July…..My coworker sent me this:



So, I told my boss I am not working this weekend and I plan to get my house cleaned, laundry done and get caught up on some sleep this weekend, then I wont be trying to escape but will be happy with the life I have!

I hope that everyone is having a fabulous Wednesday and that your life is one you don’t need to escape from….


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