What is your legacy?

I have lost some in my life that died entirely too soon, too early in their life and too young. After I was widowed in 1996, I had to  through the process of piecing his life all together and learning that his legacy was his family that he loved very dearly.  I spent many nights wondering, if I died tomorrow, what would I leave behind? I was raising 2 children on my own, who were my world and MY legacy as well. There were so many questions, I had so many sleepless nights, but spent a lot of time thinking about what I would leave behind if I died. I told my children that for the rest of their lives, I would tell them that I loved them each and every day and I ment it (STILL DO!!)  I spent every chance I could making sure that they have wonderful childhood memories of holidays and time spent with me at their school events and sporting events, I have taught them that family is everything and that you have to always be there for your family. I wanted them to have what I didn’t have when I was growing up which my family never came to any of my school event, never came to a sporting event and very rarely told me they loved me. My children are truly are my legacy but I know that there is probably more that I can do or more that I can leave for them. Remember, it’s not what we leave for others that matters, it’s what we leave inside them that matters the most. Possessions and wealth do not make a true legacy. It’s about leaving behind the essence of your true self & your soul. That’s what the world needs from you,  leaving behind the best and most beautiful parts of you. There are positive legacies and negative legacies. I am trying my hardest to make sure that I leave a positive legacy for my children & for my grandchildren.

What will your legacy be?




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