Wacky ways people “try” to save money

These are stories that were all passed around my office recently and shared during our lunch breaks of the wacky ways people were trying to save money on things:

1) Recently, we noticed a coworker who always grabbed extra sauce, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, napkins, salt & pepper from fast food restaurants and took them home. She stated that she was trying to save money and those items are given out free, so its a bonus and she can bank the money should would have spent on those items.


2) Dumpster diving behind specific businesses. A carpet store, they throw out the sample pieces and they can be used as small throw rugs by heavy traffic areas in your house. Another is at a cemetery, where you can find pots for your plants, bows, and other crafting items.

3) Buy top ramen & hotdogs. This could feed you for well over a week if you are low on cash.

4) Donate plasma-the local blood banks pay people to donate plasma.


5) Go to the library and get the old newspapers.

6) Buy a bus pass and vow to not drive your car for a month.

7) Put a brick or maybe not the actual brick but “something” in the back of your toilet tank and flush the toilet less. We’ve all heard the saying, “If it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down,”. By limiting your flushes, it can really save you money and it conserves water — but how much water and money you save really depends on how stingy you are with the flushes.

8) Use professionals that are in training. Check out local cosmetology schools, dental schools, massage schools or any other service and ask if they offer discounted rates.

9) Unplug everything in your house or apartment that is not in use. It is a proven fact that your items that are plugged in are still using energy.

10) Only shower at the gym.

11) Buy day old bread & vegetables, put them in freezer bags. They will come out of the freezer like brand new.



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