Items to buy at the dollar store

I have some friends that absolutely refuse to shop at a dollar store. I have no problem with it because I can save money on the same items that they are buying. My recommendation is to only shop for specific things there and to share the list with you.

Items to buy at the dollar store that will save you money:

1) They always have the latest holiday decorations (right now, they are selling easter stuff-candy, eggs, house decorations)

2) Cleaning supplies: I posted about this a few weeks ago and this is the cheapest place for cleaning supplies. A bottle of window cleaner is: $1.00, a big 1/2 gallon of bleach is: $1.00, a box of dryer sheets is: $1.00, scrubbing brushes, buckets, laundry soap, the list just keeps going….



3) Greeting cards: All different occasion cards are only $1.00

4) Party supplies: gift bags, wrapping paper, bows, streamers, invitations, plates/cups/table cloths, all $1.00

5) Beauty & Health supplies: hair bows & ties, hair clips, brushes/combs, bathroom supplies such as shampoos & conditioners, soaps, and bath products, vitamins, shaving creams, shower gel.

6) Kitchen food saving items: bowls with snap lids, zip lock bags & clear food saving containers with lids.

7) Kitchen gadgets: they have a huge selection of kitchen gadgets, from cheese grater to bottle openers.


The entire selection of things are only $1.00 each compared to other stores have most of the products priced anywhere from $2.99 and up, if you did the comparisons you would be surprised at the money you will save when you shop for these items at the dollar store.

Happy shopping and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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