Work to live

How many of you get going in life and are the ones to volunteer to work that overtime, time after time, weekend after weekend. I am one of those people until recently. I realized a couple of things after working weekend after weekend without much time off:

1) Uncle Sam is going to take a huge chunk of your “overtime” pay so basically, your working for pennies if you work too much.

2) What are you missing when you are working all those weekends? If you still have kids at home, your missing a lot! My kids are grown, so what I was missing is my grandchildren’s firsts. How did my little grandson go from an 8 pounder to a 19 pounder in no time? How did my granddaughter get taller than me? When did that happen? I vowed to my son that we make a play date every other weekend so I wont miss any more time with them!



3) Friendships: how many friends have asked you to dinner, to a party, to go out on the town, to a movie and because your working, you cannot make it.

4) Your spouse/significant other: how many times do they want to go to dinner, to a party, to a movie or just go do something together.

5) Burn out-it is very easy for a person to get burned out and everyone needs some rest & relaxation.

With my new job, I put myself in the position to always be there for my new boss but let a few things go in the process. I work to live, I do NOT live to work so I made my son & my boyfriend the promise that I would only volunteer every “other” weekend.  That way I can be there for the company, I can use the little extra money and have the time off of every other weekend with my grand kids. I really have to say, I work to live I do NOT live to work! Some things ARE more important!




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