Wedding gifts

A very old friend of mines daughter is getting married tomorrow. I got back to them (rsvp) in plenty of time and by the due date. I have been procrastinating the gift now for a month or more. I just cannot decide what I want to buy for the couple.

They moved in together before they got married and they registered. In the “old” days, I would jet off to the mall, find the Mikasa store and buy a crystal picture frame. My opinion was that you can never go wrong with crystal. The Mikasa stores have all closed their doors so no chance of going that route now. I guess I must change my way of thinking and look at where they are registered. I have never been a big fan of buying off those lists, seems to always be things that are too expensive for my budget but with this one, I am going to have to take a look at the list. Those registration lists are definitely things that people want-no guessing games or fluff, that’s what they want, colors, sizes, etc. so it makes it easy, but most of the items that I can afford are already purchased off the list. I am going down to the store tomorrow and pick out a gift off their list.

I thought about making a nice gift basket. There are so many great ideas for gift baskets. My favorite ones to make are always ones that I would love to receive:

1) a Starbuck’s coffee with 2 nice big mugs


2) a bottle of champagne, a blanket & 2 nice champagne glasses


3) a basket with bathroom towels, scented candles & stuff


4) a colander with spaghetti dinner & wine


Those are some great creative ideas but I think for now, I am going to start with the gift registry list. I know that most couples spend a lot of time putting those lists together. And most couples would be excited to get things from the list that they have asked for, regardless if its something I may like, it’s what they would like so off to Bed bath & beyond tomorrow for a little shopping. I know that if you sign up for their email list, first time subscribers get 20% off one single item, email offer is for in store use only and you will be mailed the coupon.

I did find that the Bed bath & beyond store has in-store pick up so I can reserve the item from their list and go down there tomorrow, pay & pick up! I am very excited for the wedding and cannot wait to see everyone. I hope that you all have a wonderfully blessed weekend!



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