Wednesday Pizza Deal

I drove past a strip mall today and had to pull in to check out the local stores. I do not splurge on eating out very often, I would rather cook at home because it truly is cheaper. I know that every so often a lot of people will order pizza so I stopped in today and checked out Papa Johns pizza. I have never ordered from them before but after ordering a pizza, (that will be 15 minutes, you can come back or take a seat, I sat and waited). I took in all the advertising that was next to the register:


Some of this was pretty interesting-you can go online and order pizza 3 weeks in advance…wow! I know that there are some great deals and coupons online as well:

Click here for the latest Papa Johns Coupons

The pizza I ordered was on a special, which I purchased a large pizza with 2 toppings and it was $8.00, not a bad price and VERY good pizza so check out the deals that they have and if you have a Papa Johns near you, try them! I personally loved the pizza and will be registering for the online deals and coupons for our next family movie night! Enjoy!

2FullSizeRender (3)


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