“American Sniper” movie

I went to see the movie “American Sniper” last Saturday. It was a very intense movie and I found myself getting caught up with the character, Chris Kyle.  Mr. Kyle, a former Navy SEAL, was credited with more than 150 “confirmed kills.” His 2012 autobiography became a bestseller.


A very likable Texan,  who became a Navy Seal Sniper. From his meeting and marrying his wife to having to go to war, the movie just draws you in. Some can relate to the characters likeability and the love story he had with his wife. Some can relate to what he was like when he returned from war-the after effects of the exposure to family and friends. I found myself crying at the end of the movie because they did such a great job of getting the audience attached to the characters. (No spoiler alert, you MUST see the movie!)


I found myself feeling drawn to his widow. I was widowed in 1996 and left to raise 2 boys on my own so my automatic reaction is to feel her pain-I know her life has been changed forever. I saw that the movie was based upon the book that he had written, and based upon his life story. I think seeing how well the movie did, I can only hope that his family (wife & two children) are taken care of from the books & movies.


The man who killed Chris Kyle, Eddie Ray Routh’s trial is underway in Texas starting today.  Kyle, 38, was shot six times with a .45-caliber weapon. His friend Chad Littlefield, 35, was shot seven times with Kyle’s Navy gun. The case has drawn intense interest, largely because of the Oscar-nominated film based on Kyle’s memoir that details his four tours in Iraq. The trial will be in the Erath County Courthouse in Stephenville and resumes today.

Millions of people are watching this trial, after reading the book and seeing the movie, a lot of people feel that they connected with this man and his family. May he rest in peace.


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