Honesty, is a word that some find very hard to do. Some people find it is easier to lie. It is so easy to bend the truth, to leave out the little details, say what others want to hear, not just what really happened.
I think it is harder for some people to work up the courage to be honest. It takes great character to be honest at all times. I chose to always be honest. By being honest, you will never have to keep track of the lies, or keep track of the extended truths. Most who meet me know that sometimes I can be “overly” honest but it is a personal choice that I made from the time I was very young to always be honest and forthright.

Being honest is a choice. It’s a choice to not deceive yourself or others. Its our choice to build your character and express the real you.
When you are honest, it demonstrates self-respect & character. It makes it easier for you to get close to others because people don’t have to waste time figuring out who you are because you are being truthful and honest.

Honesty attracts honesty. If you put honest vibes out honesty will be what you receive in return. Show gratitude for what you have changes everything in this life. The universe will respond to your gratitude and good things will come to you. I truly believe that good things come to those who appreciate what they have and are living a good life.
So today, be grateful and bring honesty & truth into your life. It will feel so good to be honest with yourself & others.


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