Life’s emergencies

I got the phone call yesterday just after starting my shift at work. My youngest son was in the hospital. I said  I’m on my way. I got someone to cover for me and left work.

The hospital was 45 minutes away but I got there pretty quick. The doctors said they had to do more testing but that my youngest child had an infection, a kidney stone and kidney infection and it appeared to be a blockage, which would require surgery-only more testing will confirm this. He is diabetic as well so this was serious.

My youngest son just turned 24. He was born with multiple birth defects, all corrected by 6 surgeries. He is a big kid, looks like a football player. You would never know he was a sickly kid when he was little. He was born with one kidney, it had a bad valve so they repaired it when he was a month old. He hasn’t had any issues for over 20 + years.

After explaining his history and all of this to the Dr they knew his issues and held off surgery. The infection is bad and with him being diabetic it’s life threatening. He is being monitored with antibiotics and pain meds in the hospital right now with tests coming daily.

I am relieved to know that he won’t be requiring any more surgeries! I cried when the Dr looked at me and said I know you knows how serious this whole thing was for him. A kidney is very important to his life! I have tried for the longest time to explain this to him-that he needs to take care of his health because you only have 1 kidney and his explanation to me was “Yolo” mom, I will be fine. I don’t know where this attitude came from but he really is my “go for the gusto” child. I instilled something into him as a child because I didn’t want anyone to tease him or bully him. I taught him that it doesn’t matter what other people think about you, that you will still be you and that is all that matters. He has chosen to use that his whole life, into adulthood. He is a very fun-loving, honest, smart & dedicated man now. There isnt anyone who meets him that doesn’t love him, that doesn’t tell me what a wonderful young man he has grown up to be. I am extremely proud of him and when he tells me “Yolo”, it drives me crazy and he knows it. I think he tells me this just yank my chain or get a reaction from me, I swear!

We are on day 2 in the hospital but he is looking so much better and they think maybe another day or 2 and he can go home. He will have follow-up appointments with many different doctors but that’s ok. As long as he is healthy and happy, what more can a mom ask for. What we did learn from all of this is don’t take your health for granted and if something is bothering you, seek medical attention immediately.

I am so thankful for all the modern medicine with the highly skilled doctors. My son means the world to me and they are taking very good care of him!


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