Coupons for your hobbies

How many of you use coupons for your hobbies? Well, according to my family, I am an arts & crafts hoarder, and I guess they are right. I have more hobbies than time to do the projects so I have a lot of the projects tucked away in tubs in my garage. I have been saying, oh I will find the time to do this when…

My hobbies: crocheting, jewelry making, card making, painting ceramics, sewing and dried floral arrangements. I have done the flowers for my daughter’s wedding. Made each and every grandchild an afghan. (I have tubs and tubs of yarn that I have acquired and stashed away).

I signed up for Joann fabrics emails years ago to get their coupons. (There is usually 2 really good ones and a couple of standard others). I love to take advantage of that one coupon you get and use it for highly discounted items after christmas or during sales. I go to Michael’s, Ben Franklin, Joanne’s and we just had a Hobby Lobby come to Washington state so I will have to go check that place out.

Going through the online ads on the Seattle times, I see a couple of great coupons that I plan to print and use. (I am only showing you that these types of coupons DO exist to the crafters to help save you money.

1 2

I hope that if you are a crafter, you look out for these coupons as well. They can save you so much money. Some projects can be very costly, and some not as much so you need to weigh whether the coupon can be used for something you need now or maybe something to use in the future. (oh craft hoader that I am, I can say this is how I have purchased a lot of my stuff and put it away for using later).

I started another blog for one of my hobbies, which was my crocheting. I made afghans for everyone and before giving them away, I took some pictures of them to share with others. The blog site for these is: My 3d Rose Crocheted Afghan Blog.

I would love to hear your stories on using coupons for crafting and share your stories with me!





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