Happy Friday & Enjoy Life!

Happy Friday to everyone!


Saturdays are my grocery shopping days. The plan is to grab the coupons and head out early Saturday morning for some grocery shopping. I am going to try to stay clear of Costco on Saturdays-always too busy and the volume of rude people absolutely sets me off so for my sanity, I will stick close to home and do the shopping locally at Wal-Mart. The last time I was shopping there, the manager told me where to go and find a copy of their coupon policy, which I looked over, there isn’t really too much that they don’t take, but it’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the policy in case anyone gives you a hard time about the coupons. (I hear that it happens-hasn’t happened to me but I have heard from friends that it does happen).

I can take in all my coupons from other stores and can mix some with manufacturer coupons, so I am extremely excited to go use my coupons and see how much that I save. One last-minute visit to my favorite coupon site,  Coupon.com and I will be ready to go!

My last trip was $47.00, which was my first trip using every single type of coupons. I will share that with you after the shopping spree.

Saturday afternoon I will be having family over to watch the Seattle Seahawks football game (yes, I am a closet football fan!) Never been to a game in person (cannot possibly afford that) but watch every game I can on the TV (yes, free entertainment!)

Sundays plan-the day of rest and relaxation!

Here’s to a wonderful weekend, I hope that each and every one of you have a fun-filled, relaxing, exciting weekend! Smile & enjoy life!










2 thoughts on “Happy Friday & Enjoy Life!

  1. Enjoy your couponing ! I myself will be doing a little couponing today ! And as far as football you should get to a football game, they are extremely fun & incredibly worth it. My father is an nfl referee so I have been lucky to go to so many games but I try to encourage people to get to at least one in their lifetime. Enjoy couponing !


    • Thank you for reading my blog sydclipscoupons! I had a a pretty good shopping experience, I will update the blog to share! Sounds like I do need to look up tickets to a professional game for sure! Thanks!


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