Resolutions/goals & be fierce






I know that everyone tries to make new years resolutions year after year and most of them are not kept. I tried to make some resolutions that would be ones that I not only wanted to do, but needed to do. I guess they would be more “goals” than resolutions because I am definitely going to achieve them, it’s just going to take some time. I just needed the extra “push” to put them into forward motion.

My resolutions/goals for 2015:

1) Start a savings account and follow the “reversed” 52 week challenge. (I have $103.00 in there right now for week 2!)

2) Renew my gym membership (I just did this today!) We need to shed a few extra pounds so it really will be a collective family affair with the diet and exercise.

3) Start a gratitude jar (this one I already did from day 1) I found it to be easy the first few days but as the days go by, I have to think of new little things and it makes you search your life & your day to find “the little things”. I am officially on day 9 so the first few days were so easy.

4) Try to start eating better (We have made our shopping lists and I am going through the coupons to see how they match up with the lists)

5) Organized my bills and budget accordingly (I have a binder that shows bills paid on which checks, amounts, and dates) Finally getting those back to being organized!

6) Organize my garage (have NOT done this one yet)

I kept the list short, not a bad list huh? I have already started all of them (except that last one) and I know that if I just include them in my daily schedule, eventually, it becomes a part of you, and becomes a positive change in myself.  These are all things that I need to do! I feel inspired and excited at the same time.




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