Coupons save you money

I sat down last night, went through the Sunday paper for some great coupons. My family laughs at me and says, you really didn’t save that much the last time you were doing coupons. I saved money, it was a small amount, but my theory was something was better than nothing. I cut the coupons from Sunday papers and started keeping manufacturer coupons, with the plan to use all of them at the same time. Here in Washington, the only store that I found that takes all coupons (even ones from other stores) is Wal-Mart, (I am not plugging Wal-Mart), I am just limited here. We have Safeway, Fred Meyer, Costco, Sams club & Wal-Mart locally.

I have a friend that also printed coupons off the computer and she saved a lot of money on those coupons as well so when I have time, I use the site and I clip from this online site: Coupons.Com

Shoppers who discovered couponing after the 2008 recession not only saved money but it became a way of life-Coupons are back to stay. The recession was so painful that it permanently changed spending habits and consumers continue snipping, organizing and redeeming even after household budgets and the economy recovers.

My first coupon trip was done late at night. I went to Wal-Mart at 11:00 PM and I only saved $47.00, but to me, that was something! That was my first trip (it was just a trial run, a small shopping trip just to test the coupon waters). I love the coupons that you can put together and end up with free items. I watch all the local sales and have started to organize my coupons as well. Good luck with your couponing! I would love to hear more stories of how you may have saved a lot using coupons.






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