A little project that I have been looking into is organization. I have always been an organizational person at home and at work. I used to pride myself on knowing exactly where things were to make my life easier. Swing forward to the present day and I have found that I am more organized at work than at home. I have let things slip by me at home. I need to take those out of control areas at home and get them organized again. I have been looking at organizational ideas for specific areas in my house. This is something that should be attempted after the holidays (because some of the disorganization is the christmas decorations!)

#1-Christmas decorations: My Christmas decorations, boxes upon boxes of items, some handed down to me from relatives that are no longer with us and they all need to be gone thru, throwing out the old, broken items that I just don’t seem to have the heart to part with. I know I will never fix that missing angel wing, the broken arm of the tin soldier, the candle holder that was my grandmothers that has chips on it, therefore I never use it. Time to de-clutter and organize the decorations into tubs and packing materials to protect the items that I don’t want broken to last for years (and pass down to my children) in the future. What is broken, needs to be thrown away!

#2-The dreaded garage: My garage has always been a sore spot with our family. The kids have stored items there that they know they may never use again. We have had the discussions with them about turning the trash into cash, I have 4 out of 5 convinced! So I need to still work on that last one before I go shopping for shelving for the garage. My goal is to get shelving in there for the basic things we will be saving, some tubs for the items that I need to save and the rest will become my next summers “garage sale” merchandise. I have this on the books. The kids will help me with it because I told them that they are going to be the ones to haggle prices with people with their items. We have a closet in the garage that stores our camping gear. We need to rearrange it and throw out any broken things. (Yes, the pile going to the dump is getting bigger the more I type, I know!)

#3-The lower kitchen cupboards: I have some extremely old items that I never use, just stored under kitchen cupboards. Why you ask? I bought the item, used it a few times and have never had to use it again. I think its time to go thru them and figure out what I can live with, and what I can live without. Those items are going into the future “garage sale” pile. I saw some outstanding organizational shelves that can be put into the cupboards as well for the remaining items.

I am pretty excited to get this project in full swing. I have seen a lot of great shelving and organizational items that I want to put into my house & garage to make out lives easier. I have always have this belief that my life needed to be organized. What if something happened to me, could my family piece together where everything was? Would they be able to find all the important documents? The old tax files? I can go on and on because I will be sure that my life is back to being organized, not just for me, but for my family.

Final part of the plan will be to put together the “garage sale” of merchandise and make some extra money to put into our savings account! With our plan to start our new savings account at the first of the year, this will just be an added bonus for us.


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