2014 year end bank promotions & offers

A lot of banks are vying for your business.  I recently opened an account at a local bank that will give me money in it for having a month of direct deposits to the account. This is free money, and in my case, the start to my 2015 savings account.  My plan is to stash away not only my emergency fund but also the money for our vacation.

I wanted to share some of the banks that I see right now vying for your business and willing to give YOU some free money and this list is from my local area in Washington State:

US Bank: Up to $100 bonus

Keybank: Up to $250 bonus

BankofAmerica: Up to $250 bonus

Citibank: Up to $100 bonus

Citizens: $1000 bonus for college savings

Nationwide: Up to $200 bonus

Discover: Up to $50 bonus

Chase: Up to $250 bonus

BECU: Up to $25 for referring a friend

CapitalOne: Up to $250 bonus

Columbia: Up to $100 bonus

Homestreet: Up to $100 bonus

SoundCU: Up to $100 bonus

WellsFargo: Up to $250 bonus

WSECU: Up to $500 bonus

Haborstone: Up to $50 bonus

Olympia CU: Up to $100 bonus

Note: Offers do change often so please double-check with your local bank branch and remember to double-check all offers for account specifics & requirements (rules and regulations on all offers) before opening an account.


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