Make Christmas Meaningful For The Family

Christmas shouldn’t be all about the presents, but some people only know Christmas  for the gifts.

If you are in a position where Christmas needs to be more modest than in the past, there is something you can do. You can make Christmas this year less expensive and more meaningful, focus on giving more than receiving. Plan the change as a family. As the holidays approach, discuss your desire to have a more meaningful Christmas, one that wont cost as much and let the family discuss how you all can do something for the less fortunate or discuss a one time service of serving meals to the homeless. There are so many different charities that could use your help during the holidays.

Involve the entire family and let this become a family tradition.

As you and the family plan your Christmas day, suggestions of keeping the gift to one or two gifts per person and then volunteering , make a plan and stick to it. Shop modestly and keep the gift to something that they need, not necessarily something that they want. Work on items that your family will truly appreciate.

Whatever your faith, share it with your children at Christmastime. Give them the gift of faith and tie this into your tradition.

By creating these new traditions, teaching your children that the meaning of Christmas is also to help the less fortunate, you will raise kids that are happier and will appreciate what they have more, a meaningful Christmas!


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