Saving during the holidays

The holiday season is upon us and your wallet is probably feeling the pinch a little. If you want to save a little during the holiday season, I have some great tips for you:

  • If shopping at a local store, always try to plan ahead for the sales &/or use coupons whenever you can.
  • Some items can be purchased at the dollar store. Wrapping paper, ribbons, boxes, bows, cards & decorations.
  • Stocking stuffers can also be purchased at the local .99 cent store or dollar store. They have a great selection of items.
  • I personally do not own a credit card and have grown very accustomed to using the cash only system. When the money is gone, your done shopping!
  • Make a budget and a list-stick to it!

If you have run out of ideas and still looking for that hard to buy for person, try looking at the drugstore or the grocery store. You can buy in a theme. Give a movie night, pick up a bowl, put in candy, some popcorn & soda and print out a gift certificate for a movie. You can still buy gift cards, even last-minute online. You can piece together a spa treatment gift basket, wrap some nice sweet-smelling soap, add a scrub brush from the drugstore or dollar store and print out a certificate to a spa or local beauty shop for a special service. Makes a great last-minute gift!

When your shopping, most people don’t know that sales and/or discounts are put out on specific days. Use this list to make strategic purchases on anything from groceries to electronics and on the days of the week your most likely to get the best price.

Mondays: Electronics

Tuesdays: Airfare

Wednesdays: Gas & groceries

Thursdays: Clothing

Weekends: online shopping, drug store items and appliances


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