Turn that into cash

I wanted to share a few money making ideas that I have personally done to support my family.

1) Turn those unwanted items into cash.

Go thru your house and clean house. When I say this, I mean REALLY clean house to see if you have used the items in the last year, if you didnt or wouldnt, then put them aside in a box. When your done, take that box and go thru what would have a resale value. I did a couple of things after that. It depended on the time of year it was. The summer time is garage sale time which is the easiest thing to set up and costs you nothing to do. When you set up your garage sale, remember that people will talk you down on your prices so price the items so that they could talk you down a little and you end up with exactly what you wanted. If it is winter, I would put the items on Ebay. I had tremendous luck with Ebay because you can look your items up and see what they are going for, which gives you an idea of the price you can ask for your items. The downside of Ebay is that you are paying fees to sell the items. Ebay has changed their fee structure and they charge you for the final valuation of the item sold AND the shipping that you charge. (sometimes the fees can add up if your selling alot and more expensive items) Some things just may not sell so be prepared to put a box aside of things that just didnt sell. Those items can either be put onto Craigslist or you can donate them to a local charity.

2) Garage sales are valuable

I went to every garage sale, I became addicted to garage sales. I would go buy items that I knew would sell on Ebay or on Craigslist and talk them down, or go on Sundays because I knew they didnt want to box up the items and still got them for cheap. Reselling items are bought for cheap, sold for more and you want to remember the items have to be shipped and would the customer be willing to pay the shipping on that item.

3) Offer to clean & organize friends garages

I would offer to clean & organize friends garages and would ask to keep items that they didnt want anymore as payment for the work I had done

4) 2nd hand stores

I love 2nd hand stores. There used to be one that was super cheap & it benefited a local charity. I went in there weekly and bought items to resell. That was during a time that I would put together lots of items and sell them on Ebay. I purchased a vintage chenille blanket (I remembered having one of them as a kid in the 60’s) I bought it on 1/2 price day. The item was priced at $5.00, and I was charged $2.50. I was pretty excited, took it home and emailed a lady I knew who was a antique dealer online, sending her a picture and asking for what she thought the value was then I posted the item. I had people emailing and people trying to buy it on the side (which I would never do) and eventually selling it for $800.00! I was thrilled! This was my once in a lifetime sale that everyone talks about having.

5) Sell Books

I have listed books on Amazon and also on cash4books as well as on Ebay. The best sales are the kids books that I listed on Ebay.

6) Selling what you make

For everyone that loves arts and crafts, your items can be sold too! I have made items and sold them on Etsy as well as on Ebay. I have a very close friend of mine who bakes and she sells baked items on Etsy.

7) Offer your services

I helped a friend with her catering business. I learned alot of different things while I was doing it and some contacts in the process. I made all of the flowers for a wedding, I have been a server for receptions, I have helped set up luncheons, the list goes on and on. All you need is a little effort to volunteer your time, and learn some new skills.


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