Sunday papers

We live in Washington state. Our local Sunday paper, The Seattle Times, has a ton of coupons. I started searching the newspapers each week and they are usually manufacturer coupons so you can use them when something goes on sale.

I have read all these websites where coupon printing is available. I have not been able to print off of any of those sites because you need to install some program (coupon printer) and the computer I am using is as old as dirt, so its not compatible so I can only cut coupons from the newspaper at this time. I am hoping to save enough to get a new computer sometime in the future.

We have several stores in our area to shop at, but my favorite is Walmart because it will match anyones coupons. I have taken coupons from every other store in there and they have never given me a hard time about them. What I have learned, you walk in, go straight for a manager and ask if they accept what you have, they look over your coupons and say if anyone gives you a hard time, my name is….which is awesome because you know it will happen. (I throw out the name the minute they start to say we dont and its all good!)


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